What is this website all about?

On this website you will find what I consider to be the best evidence that I am aware of for the Bible being the Word of God. Along the way Biblical doctrine and God’s plan of salvation are also covered. This website broadly speaking has two very different facets to it:

1. Evidence for the Bible from Science

2. Evidence for the Bible from Bible Prophecy

1. The evidence for the Bible from science first and foremost here comes from physics and cosmology.

This reflects both the significance of the details and the fact that my personal secular training is in Mathematical Physics. This is not a typical website. What you find here you will most likely not have seen anywhere else. I show how the Bible explains how to understand physics and cosmology, and then proceed to implement the instructions.

On the physics side, the result seems to be uniquely the theory of everything, structurally speaking. To see the impressive list of things that unambiguously uniquely emerges, see the physics and cosmology part of this website. I show the mathematical details so if the reader is trained in theoretical physics, then the mathematical details should be of high interest. For the mathematically untrained reader, I still recommend reading the non-mathematical parts. For the mathematically untrained reader who desperately wants to understand the mathematical details, if and when I have time, I would like to put up background articles for self-study to eventually make this website self-contained in the respect that the reader can start off studying the beginner background mathematics and physics studies, and build up to the point where the reader can read and fully understand the main document.

The evidence

The second part of the physics and cosmology part of the website concerns cosmology. The harmony between the standard model of cosmology (more precisely, the fractal bubble timescape correction to the standard model of cosmology) and the Bible’s creation account is shown, including regarding time. Christians have been too quick to dismiss the standard model of cosmology on account of a face-value apparent discrepancy in the time scales between the standard cosmology account and the Biblical account. However, if one follows the Bible’s instructions, applying them to the standard cosmology, one sees that in terms of zero-expansion-rate clock time that the universe expanded for six days. The standard cosmology and the literal Genesis account, surprisingly, are actually quite literally in harmony without any twisting. The only difference is that as far as I can tell the Bible teaches that God stopped expanding the universe with the completion of creation about 6000 years ago whereas the standard cosmology, by assumption, takes the universe to still be expanding, based on the natural extrapolation of light that was emitted several million years ago. For all of the details and a much better and more thorough explanation, see the cosmology part of the physics and cosmology part of this website. Eventually I plan on having some nice mathematically detailed notes covering the standard model of cosmology and also its fractal bubble timescape correction.

2. The evidence for the Bible from Bible prophecy can also be found on this website.

The evidence for the Bible from Bible prophecy can also be found on this website. Once again the contents are the result of my own research. I am aware that a quick internet search will show lots of websites with lots of different views, arguments and opinions on Bible prophecy, all with varying degrees of truth, completeness and error. It seems to me that for the most part many of these other websites are of the form: “I the writer know what I’m talking about and here are all of the reasons why you should listen to me. Now here are my claims. And now here is my attempt at proving my claims. Hopefully you took my word for it, ignored all of the internal contradictions or loop holes in my presented evidences and are now a convert to my personal views.”

Although this approach has certain merit (assuming the actual content is sound and is well communicated) I attempt to do things very differently. My approach is to present the raw Biblical data, comparing Scripture with Scripture, with more context than is needed (without the inclusion of the surrounding texts one can rip things out of context and claim all sorts of rubbish), and let doctrine and information emerge directly from the data. In doing this we find that there are a vast amount of prophecy views in the world that are totally unbiblical even though the claims are that those views come from the Bible. The truth is that those claims emerge from an incoherent and internally inconsistent twisting of the Bible. I think that my approach is safer from the reader’s perspective, who legitimately doesn’t want to get sucked into some error. In my approach the reader should be able to:


Biblical Data

  1. See the raw data and have the opportunity to evaluate it directly,
  2. See exactly where doctrine comes from and why,
  3. Identify exactly where, how and why something is right or wrong,
  4. Communicate clear reasons for or against a doctrine.

The evidence for the Bible being the Word of God coming from bible prophecy is in my view extremely strong. The reader is strongly advised to take the time and effort to go through all of the details and go through in order, carefully without being in an unproductive rush. Not only is the material important from the point of view of strongly making the case for the Bible being God’s Word, it also clearly educates as to exactly what is happening in our world today and why. Moreover, it reveals how events will unfold from now to the second coming of Jesus and beyond and, importantly, it shows us what God expects of us in order for us to be counted among those who will be caught up to meet Jesus in the air at His coming, having eternal life. The great many extremely interesting and extremely important details cannot be nicely set out here in any obvious short way that faithfully captures the fullness of the message so here I simply strongly urge the reader to go to the Bible prophecy part of this website and dive in. As I get the time and opportunity I hope to be able to put up more studies, building on the very strong foundation that is already here.

Finally, it may be that the reader has questions and/or comments that you might like to ask me or tell me. The questioner is most welcome to go to the contact part of this website and send me your questions, so long as your questions are genuine. If in contrast the intent of the questions is merely to communicate to me that you have negative feelings, that is not constructive so please do not bother. If you would like to make a comment to me, including constructive disagreement/criticism of some things you have read, that is also welcome. I certainly do not want to communicate error so if I am in error and you are able to clearly communicate where and why e.t.c. that would be appreciated. However if the intent of the comment is merely to convey your hatred of the material, that is not constructive and hence such comments are not welcome. Please keep any communications in a spirit of good will and civilized respect. If questions and/or comments seem genuine, I certainly intend to respond as best as I can, as time and circumstance permits.

1. Evidence for the Bible from Science

2. Evidence for the Bible from Bible Prophecy